Mayer T., Santoni G. and Vicard V. (2023), "The CEPII Trade and Production Databse", CEPII Working Paper, N 2023-01

 website:  Tradeprod

MAGE (Macro econometrics of the Global Economy)

Fontagné, L., Perego, E., Santoni, G. (2022), MaGE 3.1: Long-Term Macroeconomic Projections of the World Economy, International Economic, Volume 172, December 2022

 website:  EconMap

Measuring Export Competitiveness 

Gaulier, G., Santoni, G., Taglioni, D., Zignago, S. (2013), ”In the wake of the global crisis : evidence from a new quarterly database of export competitiveness”, Policy Research Working Paper WPS6733 – World Bank. 

 website:  mec.worldbank.org